Gender Reveal Party

Please join Lilly, Ryan, and Baby _______????  for our


Friday, September 12 at our home at

27 Southwick Meadows East

1 p.m.

What We Will Eat: We will celebrate the revealing of our yet-to-be-born-baby’s gender with —yes—“birthday” cake!

Creative snacks are welcome. Emma, how about your gingerbread “men” with pink or blue trim? (We’ll eat them even if you’re wrong!) And it would be great if someone could make a round loaf of rainbow bread to look like Lilly’s belly, but only a pink and blue rainbow!

Because of its proximity to the Holy Days, Lilly suggested a matzo search, even though no one in our circle is Jewish. One of the matzos will have a slip of paper inside that says, “It’s a ______!”

What Games We Will Play: We will totally play Might It Be…? in which guests have to suggest androgynous names (i.e. “Might it be Lee?”) and then try to figure out if there is evidence for one gender or the other. This is great fun and often leads to long strings of names that have us laughing uncontrollably.

Remember we played this at Kevin and Madelyn’s GRP—what a blast! We’re still so sorry about the baby’s undescended testicles, but that can be corrected with surgery over time.

Bring stories about waiting to find out your own children’s genders. Hilarious! We are also making party favor such as temporary tattoos and cardboard mustaches and lips on sticks.

Where We Are Registered: Target, Macy’s, and Baby Gap. Neutral colors encouraged!

What You Should Wear: In keeping with the spirit of the party, we ask that everyone be dressed in appropriate colors, i.e. pink and blue! Pink or blue accessories if you can’t quite manage the clothes! (Right, guys??)

How We Will Compete With Prenatal Parties of Yesteryear: How will we ever top Meg and Carter’s “Gestational Diabetes” bash? Who knew you could have so much fun without carbohydrates! I loved the half watermelon serving as the cake. (Not really!!)

How can we beat Rob and Taryn’s curry-themed “Rocky Second Trimester”?

What could be more fun than Jason and Emily’s “Hit the Target/No More Blanks” omelet station (ha ha…eggs!)?

Who can remember a better time than we had with Logan and Kate’s “Stopped the Pill, Could be Any Day Now” brunch or  Dustin and Brittany’s “Nothing Definite Yet but No Aunt Flow This Month” potluck?

How can we be more high-tech than Kylie and Brett’s night of ultra sound videos and that fun fun fun PowerPoint of their amnio-results?

Will we possibly have more laughs than we did at Josh and Jennifer’s “Race Reveal” picnic or Amber and Brandon’s “Guess Which One of Us Will Be Seeing The Child On Weekends”  boat party?

Did we ever feel closer to our friends than at Brian and Nicole’s “We’ve Given Up Trying Though We Still Have Intermittent Coitus” barbecue, or Adam and Jessica’s “Decided to Terminate”  cocktail evening?


Please note that a Gender Reveal Party is not, as my lesbian sister Chloe wryly suggested, where someone reveals that they are transitioning to the opposite sex. Nor is there any way of knowing if a child whose gender we are now celebrating will one day reject it. Chloe and her partner do not live in our subdivision so they won’t be attending anyway.

For now, let’s just celebrate the impending arrival of a healthy baby, definitely male or female.