Facebook Activism: Changing the World—No Effort Required

Share if…

Share if…  you never want New Orleans to flood again.

Share if…  your pets drive you crazy but you love them anyway.

 Share if…  you think mornings are too long.

 Share if…  you don’t think the school cafeteria aide should force children to eat everything on their trays.

Share if… …  you think Madison should be able to take her pit bull to the prom.

Share if…  you think fur hurts.

Share if…  your building principal needs to get off your case about how much copy paper your department is using.

Share if…  your sister is the best sister in the world, even though her boyfriend is an asshole.

Share if…  you think it’s okay that you used some of your dad’s girlfriend’s perfume, even though she’s expressly told you never to go into her room for any reason. It’s his room too!

Share if…  you think shampoo should be less expensive and not sting your eyes.

Share if…  you believe cashews should be banned in ALL schools.

Share if…  you think that Seth MacFarlane has really gone too far this time.

 Share if…  you want to stop your best friend from marrying a guy you’re sure is gay, or at least very bisexual.

Share if…  you agree that the allegations against my favorite math teacher are unfounded.

Share if…  you think the Wendy’s on South Federal Street should replenish the paper towel dispenser on a more regular basis.

Share if…  you think people should say Please and Thank You during a robbery.

Share if…  you think prisoners should not be entitled to cable TV at taxpayers’ expense, and you want to stop illegal immigration.

Share if…  you think hugs are better than drugs.

Share if…  you think books are better than drugs but not necessarily better than hugs.

Share if…  you think Leonard Peltier should be freed even if you’re not sure how to pronounce his name.

Share if…  you think Spiro Agnew is a funny name!

Share if…  you think sexual offenders should have to wear sharp ankle weights.

Share if…  you think Mr. Barnes is making Chemistry too hard for our kids.

Share if…  you think textbooks should not be heavy or boring.

Share if…  you think the snow goes on a little too long in winter.

Share if…  you’re tired of people asking when you are due.

Share if…  you get your blood pressure checked regularly, or if you have low water pressure in your home.

Share if…  you don’t want your grandfather to go into a nursing home because your Aunt Amy is too lazy to give up one day a week to take care of him like the rest of us do.

Share if… … you hate racism/bullying/transphobia/ animal torture/ritual sacrifice/slut shaming/fat shaming/miscellaneous shaming/Jello.